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Consider the following...

  • Homes are purchased by comparison and you have only one property to show.

  • The average homeowner overprices his home but eventually accepts a price lower than market value. A REALTOR® can objectively price the home based on actual comparable sales.

  • It is difficult for a seller to create rapport with a buyer because no relationship has been established. In some cases, an adversarial position occurs because there is no third party negotiator

  • You may hear conflicting suggestions regarding the sale of your home from well- intentioned friends. A REALTOR® can see the entire picture and offer advice based on a wide range of experiences.

  • A REALTOR® can offer expert advice to sell the home quickly by preparing the home prior to placing it on the market.

  • Your method of attracting buyers is a sign in the yard and an ad in the paper, but REALTORS® have many proven methods of promoting your property.

  • The average prospect isn't likely to freely discuss his likes and dislikes with a homeowner but will with a REALTOR®. This is a necessary step in the decision- making process.

  • It is difficult for you to follow-up with prospects who have seen your home because it might be interpreted as anxiety to sell, which could give the impression you will take less for your home.

  • Is it the highest and best use of your time to try to sell your home or would you be more productive at your chosen profession?

  • The Multiple Listing Service is considered to be one of the most effective tools in exposing a home to the market- place. Do you feel you can get the highest price for your home without MLS?

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